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Wholesale Women's Trouser Models | Dosso Dossi


Casual Trousers


Trousers, one of the most used clothes in women's clothing, are produced separately for every style, season, size, color and environment. Thin and breathable fabrics are popular on hot summer days. Generally, comfortable fabrics that do not cause sweating, such as linen, are the first choice on hot summer days. Loose-cut trousers are indispensable for women who care about comfort. Starting from June, mostly light colored clothes come to the fore. White, cream and beige trousers are frequently seen on the streets. In addition, yellow, pink, red, green and blue trousers are also widely worn. Loose-cut trousers are an indispensable part of clothing because they provide comfort. Elastic waisted shalwar trousers, cargo trousers and jeans are among the most used trouser types in both summer and winter seasons. You can make your combination suitable for different styles with a simple t-shirt or stylish blouse.


Trousers are indispensable for office style


Fabric trousers are generally preferred for office or casual style. The use of fabric trousers is frequently observed in workplaces. Trousers are usually distinguished from each other by their waist and leg cuts. Trousers are divided into three categories: high waist, mid waist and low waist. They add a different elegance to each cut. High waist is one of the most used models because it generally makes the legs look longer. Examples of high waist models include palazzo trousers, carrot trousers, culotte and flared trousers. These trousers are often called classic trouser models. Palazzo trousers are one of the wide-cut trousers. It opens in a bell shape from the top and reaches the widest angle at the hem. Carrot cut trousers, on the other hand, are high-waisted models and narrow at the hem. The difference of bell-bottomed trousers is that they expand at the knees while hugging the legs. Each of these models is one of the most suitable options for office wear. Today's fashion trends allow you to be stylish with all kinds of fabrics. Basic t-shirts, sneakers and even the most stylish cut trousers can adapt to any environment. It is possible to achieve a nice harmony with sweatshirts in autumn and winter. By wearing a jacket over trousers, the style of the combination can be completely changed and a much more pleasant look can be created. Blazer jackets, which are generally preferred in plaid, black, gray or beige colors, fully reflect the 2022 fashion. Apart from classic trousers, there are also trouser types that are more preferred for daily use. Especially jeans take their place as the most savior piece of every woman's wardrobe. Jeans can easily accompany you when you go to a stylish party, go on a picnic, go out for coffee, go to school or work. One of the most popular timeless pieces is suspender trousers. Salopettes worn with sleeveless bodysuits or t-shirts in summer can be combined with long-sleeved blouses or turtleneck sweaters in winter. After autumn, sandals and slippers are replaced by boots and boots. Skinny trousers and boots are one of the most common looks in the winter season. You can create a very stylish combination with long cashmere coats. In the autumn-winter season, thick fabrics such as canvas, leather and velvet are more popular. The trousers can be easily worn with leather jackets, coats and parkas. You can visit the women's category to discover more of women's trousers, which are the first choice of every season, every age, every body, and to enrich your combination.


Stylish Women's Trouser Models


There are different clothes and accessories that are frequently preferred in daily wear. Among these, women's trouser models are among the pieces that complement your style and combinations.

Women's trouser models, produced with different materials, are among the indispensable pieces of wardrobes.

Women's trouser models can be produced from different fabrics for different needs. It is among the most preferred products in business life as well as in daily life.


Summer Women's Trouser Models with High Moisture Retention Capacity


Summer women's trouser models are designed with fibrous and thin fabrics suitable for summer temperatures. The main reason why bright tones are used more frequently in these products is; It attracts the sun's rays to a minimum level. In this way, the felt heat and sweating are prevented.


Floral Women's Trouser Models That Add Movement to Combinations


Floral women's trouser models are among the most preferred in the summer and spring seasons. It revitalizes the spirit, increases energy and helps you achieve a vibrant appearance. Women's trouser models, produced with thin and lycra fabrics, offer a spacious and comfortable use.


Women's Trousers Models with Suspenders


It is possible to find women's trouser models suitable for all sizes, budgets and ages. Women's trouser models with suspenders are one of the ideal options for women who want to try different styles and like change.

In addition, women's trouser models with suspenders offer significant comfort to pregnant women. Thanks to their original designs and comfort-creating fabric structures, suspender trousers are one of the frequently preferred models during pregnancy.

You can examine women's trouser models in detail and get detailed information about many models on

Trouser models, which are combined with different top clothing products in every season, regardless of summer or winter, will help you achieve a very stylish look with the blouses, sweaters and shirts you use together.


Things to Consider When Choosing Trousers


Things to consider when choosing trousers are:

  • It is very important to choose a trouser model that suits your body structure and size.
  • You need to pay attention to which season you will wear the trousers.
  • Women with long legs choosing high waist trouser models will help them achieve a more stylish and assertive look.
  • Wide-leg women's trouser models will greatly complement the combination by making short women look taller.

When choosing between women's trouser models; You can get help from the size charts to decide on a model suitable for your body structure, leg length and waist area.


Casual Women's Trouser Models Offering Comfort


One of the products that you can easily use in business life or for daily use is casual women's trouser models. Casual trouser models are produced in two different fabric types: combed cotton and denim.

Casual trouser models, thanks to their flexible fabric structure, provide ease of movement and help you achieve both a stylish and modern look. You can choose loose women's models for activities that require you to move freely, such as concerts, theater, seminars.


Things to Consider When Washing Trousers


In order to use your trousers for a long time without losing their quality, you need to pay attention to the washing and usage instructions. Things to consider when washing trousers:

  • When washing trousers, you should be careful not to use detergents containing bleach and chemicals.
  • In addition to detergent selection, you should keep the washing degree low. Washing the product at the ideal temperature will extend the life of your trousers and allow you to use them longer.

Women's Trouser Models Offering Elegance and Comfort


You need to be meticulous and careful when choosing among stylish women's trouser models. The golden rule of being stylish is to know your body well; It makes choices that suit your body. Apart from this, it is also possible to achieve an eye-catching look by making choices that suit your skin tone.


Women's Trouser Models Combining Plaid Elegance with Combinations


Plaid women's trouser models are among the models frequently preferred by women for activities such as business lunches and special dinners.

The plaid pattern, which is generally used in winter fabrics, has been among the pieces that add elegance to combinations in the fashion industry for many years.


Reveal Your Style with Anthracite Women's Trouser Models


Anthracite women's trouser models are among the prominent shades of the textile industry. Anthracite; It is known as a neutral tone consisting of a mixture of grey, black and white colors.

Anthracite women's trouser models can be easily combined with light and dark tones due to their intermediate color. In this way, it ensures that the pieces it is combined with stand out and attract attention.


Discover the Power of Style with Patent Leather Women's Trouser Models


Patent leather women's trouser models are frequently preferred by women who like assertive and eye-catching models.

Although patent leather is generally used more frequently in accessories such as bags and shoes than in trousers, as it is a remarkable fabric type; Recently, it has also started to be used in clothes.

You can browse patent leather women's trouser models on our category page and examine the wide product options in detail and get information.

If you are having a hard time choosing among women's trouser models or deciding among a wide range of models, it is possible to say that you are at the right place.

To get detailed information about models and prices and to add elegance to your combinations with different women's trouser models, visit our website.