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How to Buy Wholesale Clothing from Turkey


 Shopping has become very easy with, the premier wholesale shopping website in Turkey. You can immediately browse through countless stylish products from hundreds of brands and start shopping. 

 Just follow the steps above to buy wholesale clothing, shoes, or accessories. You can have more information on by watching our video, “How to Shop Wholesale for Clothes and Shoes on"


Have a nice shopping day, where you will experience the convenience and advantages of online wholesale shopping.


This is Dosso Dossi company
Today we will closer look about work of our website
But now little bit about our company
Dosso Dossi company has been one of the biggest clothing exporters in the Turkish market since 2002
And this moment, more than 25.000 buyers work with us in 50 different countries of the world
Recently, online shopping is start to be more and more popularity.
In the world 11 percentage of the trade is being done from the online shopping
And it's expected that in 2023 this number will be 25%

So what is the advantage of this kind of shopping: First of all you will save your time and money
You can save more than 1000$ without spending on the purchase of tickets / hotels
And spend this money on items by earning more
Purchase products at any time of the day or night
Online store works 25 hours in a day and you can check the products at any free time for you
The ability to compare several products at once
When buying online you can compare prices/ companies/ quality of goods also not spending too much time for you
Full information about the product description/ colors/ details of the material all this you can see under each product
Search for exclusive and best-selling products in one click
A wide range of payment methods
You can pay for your order in a few clicks without standing in queues
We can deliver your goods to all over the world
So why not make your life more easier and enjoy fast shopping whenever you have
Dosso Dossi has started selling online since 2012
At the moment website have more than 20.000 products of various categories which renewing daily
Now we will look at the system of our website so you can easily make your purchase
To visit website use your browser and write the link of our website
At our home page you can see our campaigns bestsellers products and categories
If you want find some special categories or brands or codes you can use the search bar
To see the special categories which you want we also have on our home page
This is woman plus size, men , kids, shoes, accessories, books, brands and new arrivals
Now we will open one of the category and we will see the page of all this products
At left side we can see the brands of this category also you can choose one of them if you are interesting of special brand
You can change the prices of the products
There is sort by, also you can change the filter and the how much products you can see in one page
Now will open one of the product which you interesting and see the details of this product
Here you can see the name of the company, their code the color of the model which you choose
Also you can see the price and the pieces of the serie also price for all serie
Down you can see the similar products of which you choose
We can put this model into the cart and here you can see the product in your cart
Also if you're interesting about some special categories or brands or if you have some code of the model which you like you can use our search bar and write there and you will see what you wanted
Also you're opening and see the information about all this brand and model and we are putting this into the cart also.
We can check our cart and we can see the information about products and how much models we put into the cart
We have the name of the company's, quantity unite price, series price and total amount of your order
Also we can change the quantity for how much you want also you need update and it will save
If you want to continue shopping you need to click to "continue shopping "
If you want finish your order click in "Check out"
And now we are going to page payment details
But first of all we will talk about login and registration
If you are new client we need to make a registration if you didn't work before with our company
To make a registration you need write your first name last name, your mail address, your phone number and your password which you will choose after
If you before worked with our company and have already the login and password to our website you're writing here and entering to the website and continue the payment method
We have such a payment methods like Zolotaya Korona, Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Western Union
Also we have campaigns and if you have the voucher or reward or coupon you can also write the number of your coupon
Here you c the comment about your order and the finish
But you need to all the time to read and agree with privacy Policy and you can confirm your order
Dear costumers if you have before registration on our website you can click at the button authorization and write your login and pass and continue your shopping
If you are new client and haven't registration on out website you can click at button Registration and you need write your full information about yourself: your first name, surname, mail address, phone number and password to the personal to the personal account and continue also your shopping
Now we are sure about comfortable and easy way of using our website
So we can shop together with Dosso Dossi company